Tips on Choosing the Best Gun Holster for Your Wife

Finding the perfect gift for your wife (or special woman in your life) can be difficult - especially if you’ve been together for a long time.  Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or “just because,” here are a few tips on picking out a great gift option - a custom concealed carry holster.

Virtue Concealment offers the best Modular Waistband Holsters for women. Our holsters have everything you are looking for in a concealed carry holster, from comfort and concealment to different carry positions and more. This custom gun holster is modeled after a high-waisted leggings' waistband with added stability and strength. Most importantly, you can still wear your favorite outfits without worry of printing. Below we offer tips on how to choose the best gift holster. Contact our team with questions or browse our online selection today!

Tips on Choosing the Best Gun Holster for your Wife


The more comfortable a concealed carry holster is, the more likely a person is to actually wear it.  This is why comfort is a “must” when it comes to choosing the right holster.  Too many guns are left at home in the safe (where they are useless) because their owner simply did not feel like being uncomfortable that day.

Virtue Concealment is a woman-owned company that has made comfortable carry one of its’ highest priorities. Our holsters are designed around women’s unique curves so they can be worn anywhere around the waistline or hips without shifting or bunching. Our holsters are also flexible, so they can conform to her favorite carry spot even more.


Retention is a term that is used to describe how much tension a holster applies to a firearm. If a holster has too much tension it can be difficult to draw and this is the last thing we want in a dangerous, adrenaline-filled situation.  On the other hand, if there is not enough tension, a firearm is unsafe because it can bounce around or even come out of the holster unintentionally.  Simply put, a holster with the proper amount of retention only moves when the wearer wants it to.  Holsters that are custom made for your firearm (as opposed to a one-size-fits-all model) are ideal.  Custom-made holsters that have owner-adjustable retention screws are even better.  Virtue offers both.

In addition to simple tension, there is another retention option to consider. Does she want a “passive” system (one that relies solely on tension to secure her firearm) or would she prefer some type of “active” system (one that features additional means of securing the firearm like a loop or click)? Each option has pros and cons and ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference.  Either way, Virtue has you covered!

Virtue Concealment offers IWB (inside the waistband) holsters that can be worn alone or with our Modular Waistband Holsters. These feature a secure “click” so your gun stays in place. Check out our options for women's holsters today!

Holster Material

Modern holsters are crafted from a variety of different materials.  Leather, polymer, fabric (or a combination of these materials) are the most common. Whatever material you choose, it should be of the highest quality. Women need something that is strong enough to withstand the daily strain of an active lifestyle and is comfortable enough to not cause chaffing or bruising. 

Most likely, your wife will want a soft material that won't be too hot during the summer and will feel just like a regular clothing item. Virtue Concealment's Modular Waistband Holster is made from soft poly-lycra that hugs your skin but is not super tight. Try our concealed carry holster for women today!

The Draw

The ability to draw quickly and easily is incredibly important. If you need to access your concealed carry firearm, you will most likely need to do so in a matter of seconds. Being able to draw your firearm quickly can be the difference between life or death. Virtue holsters are easy to access and are designed to allow proper purchase (a good grip) on your handgun or pistol (optional retention devices are easily released as well). Our Modular Waistband Holster features five concealable compartments so your wife can choose the carry position she prefers. In addition, this women's holster is ambidextrous, and it has three open-bottom holster compartments that can accommodate the longer barrels of larger firearms. Of course, you can combine this waistband holster with our IWB holster as well. 

Trigger Guard

As always, when using and carrying firearms, safety comes first. For this reason, choosing a holster that is equipped with a trigger guard is essential.  Trigger guards significantly decrease chances of a negligent discharge and can offer a little more peace of mind when carrying concealed.. 

All Virtue IWB holsters feature trigger guards.  We believe this feature should be a part of every gun holster you own. The beauty of our IWB holsters is that you can wear them separately or as part of our Modular Waistband Holster system.


We hope this blog has been helpful as you consider which Virtue holster system will be perfect for the special gun enthusiast in your life.  If you still aren’t sure which one to order, why not let her choose!  Gift cards are available for purchase through our website today!


A custom holster for women makes a great gift for your wife (or someone special in your life). Odds are, she needs a good one, and when you put the time and effort into choosing one, your wife will appreciate it. Our Modular Waistband Holsters come in many colors to choose from to suit your wife's style and needs. Super-soft and comfortable, you can expect performance to rank high while wearing this women's holster as well.

All of our products are made in the USA out of the highest-quality materials for long-lasting durability. This female concealed carry holster can be washed in your washing machine and then dried on the gentle cycle. It sports additional pockets so your wife can easily carry extra magazines or her ID or cash. We offer fast shipping, so even if you are shopping for a last-minute present for your wife, we've got your needs covered.

Our woman-owned holster company can't wait to fulfill your order. If you are looking for the best women's holster for your wife, shop our selection today!